Build QEMU with SPICE video support for an OS X VM

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In this tutorial / guide I hope to show one how to build QEMU with SPICE support, so one can use the qxl video driver when running a OS X under a QEMU Virtual Machine.

My current setup is the following, MBPr running archlinux with the most recent packages. (I run pacman -Syu probably once a week). However when I installed QEMU from AUR there wasn't support for SPICE at the time, so I decided to build QEMU from git source to include support for SPICE.

I chose to install the following packages in /opt/local to keep this separate from the archlinux packages.

1) mkdir /opt/local 2) mkdir /opt/src 3) cd /opt/src 4) git clone git:// Note: QEMU is almost updated daily, so after cloning the repo to your local box, running git pull will get one updated to the latest greatest version of QEMU. 5) cd /opt/src 6) git clone git:// 7) git clone git:// 8) wget 9) tar xvzf celt- 10) export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$INST_ROOT/lib/pkgconfig:$INST_ROOT/share/pkgconfig

11) cd $SRC_ROOT/spice-protocol ./ --prefix=$INST_ROOT

  1. if it complains about missing m4 directory do a
  2. mkdir m4
  3. ./ --prefix=$INST_ROOT

make install

12) cd $SRC_ROOT/celt- ./configure --prefix=$INST_ROOT make install

  1. only if you don't have a recent enough version of pixman (spice configure will complain if you need it)
  2. cd $SRC_ROOT/pixman
  3. ./ --prefix=$INST_ROOT
  4. make install
Qemu, server and client

cd $SRC_ROOT/spice ./ --prefix=$INST_ROOT make install