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crunchprog is an executable which comprises the set of binary executables available on the system. All of the binary executables available on the system are, in fact, hard links to crunchprog. It is loosely analogous to busybox; it differs, however, in that it contains several proprietary components (e.g. for flashing firmware, mDNS, device configuration, etc.). crunchgen(1) is available for BSD to produce crunched binaries; it was likely used here as well.

Usage: crunchprog <prog> <args> ..., where <prog> is one of:
 sh -sh more less defaults ifconfig athtweak pfctl pflogd airtunesd dhcpd
 dhclient ifwatchd pppoectl dnscache envdir supervise svc svok svscan walldns
 nohup natpmpd ftp-proxy rtspproxy sntpd printd snmpd rtsol rtsold rtadvd six4d
 hostapd wpa_supplicant esconfig esctl ether-port brconfig i2cctl iCloudd curl
 racoon ACPd acp-update-network acp mDNSResponder twiddle-gpio busyloop
 cachekiller link_local arp cat chmod cp date dd df domainname echo expr
 hostname kill ln ls mkdir mv ps pwd rm rmdir sleep stty sync test [ ccdconfig
 ping ping6 disklabel dmesg fsck fsck_ffs init mount mount_ffs newfs mount_mfs
 rcorder reboot halt poweroff route setkey shutdown sysctl ttyflags umount
 getty chown chgrp du env fstat xinstall install logger login newsyslog sed
 sort tail top tset uname wall passwd cron dev_mkdb envstat inetd pwd_mkdb user
 useradd userdel pkill flashctl mknod iperf sshd ssh-keygen ssh scp openssl
 tcpdump crunchprog